A New Year!

I am usually not someone to make new years resolutions, but when you've wanted to start a habit and the timing is right, why not directly go overboard and commit to it for a whole f*#$ing year?

So for the coming year, I dare myself to write at least one blog post each week!

No new years resolution comes without its reasons for it, right? Right! Even though most people don't know me as a "wordy" person, I actually enjoy writing quite a bit, but I rarely do it for fun.

One reason for that is that the process of making words into a valuable block of text is a very clumsy, unfluid, awkward, one for me. I hope that this will become better with time, as I gain some routine with the blog posts, and with it some experience.

And while I'll mainly be writing to order my thoughts and to become better at writing, with some luck, once in a while, I might even produce a small essay that someone else enjoys!

If I don't find something interesting to write about in the week, I will at least write a "weekly roundup" each Sunday with all the smaller stuff I did in the past week, fulfilling the "log" part of "blog."

So here I go - writing - into the year 2017!